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Black History Month - The Impact of Dogs in the African-American Community

By: Stephanie Stone Edited by: Tandy Tiramai During the month of February, we highlight and reflect on the importance of the contributions and successes of Black Americans. Here at West Coast Wag Company, we promise to foster an inclusive and supportive community for all. In this post, we showcase three Black-owned pet businesses: Little L’s Pet Bakery, House Dogge, and Trill Paws.  Lenny Forde, Owner of Little L's Pet Bakery with his pups, Lilly and Lulu Source: @littlelspetbakery IG  Little L’s Pet Bakery became the first pet bakery in Brooklyn, New York in 2020. “I opened Little L’s Pet Bakery during the pandemic because I found that our pets have really been the ones that had helped us through this...

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Presidential Pups are Back

By: Stephanie Stone Dating back to Thomas Jefferson, Presidents have always had pets by their side to accompany them in the White House. However, former President Donald Trump did not. And now, with the Inauguration of the 46 President Joe Biden on Jan. 20, this cherished tradition is still going. From birds to dogs, Presidential pets have made their claim to fame capturing the hearts of Americans. Now, we are no longer in the dog house with President Biden's furry friends. The Presidential Pups are two German Shepherds, Champ and Major. On Jan. 24, they moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Major, who the Biden family adopted in 2018, is also the first shelter dog to be living in the White...

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