Q&A with our CEO, Tandy

Q & A with our CEO, Tandy 

Interview by Stephanie Stone

Hi, my name is Tandy and I am CEO of West Coast Wag Co. I am 28-years-old and live in Los Angeles, CA. I am originally from South Florida and moved to Los Angeles to pursue my career as a Physician Assistant (PA). My idea of West Coast Wag Co. came into fruition in August of 2020.


Why did you want to start WCWC?

I started WCWC after I got my dog, Mochi and became really active in the dog IG community. I have always wanted to find a way to utilize my creativity and loved the idea of starting a pet-related business since the community is so supportive.


What obstacles have you faced after starting WCWC  and how did you overcome them?

A big obstacle I’ve had to face is balancing everything in my life. The company is not my full-time job so I have to manage my time well. There are a lot of moving parts with owning a small business so there is always something to work on. However, I have learned that I need to unplug and make time for things that keep me energized like working out, trying a new recipe, hanging out with my friends, boyfriend, and Mochi, of course.


What’s your dog’s name? How has he impacted you and the company?

Mochi is my pride and joy. He inspired me to start this company and his following on IG really helped get the brand to where it is. He has brought me so much love and affection in an especially tough year. I would have never thought I would be working the frontlines of a pandemic, let alone the epicenter, while running a new business. Pets are truly the best therapy.


Besides dogs, what are your passions?

Staying fit - I am an adidas runners Crew Runner. I actually ran my first marathon in 2019, which is something I never knew I could do. My new obsession is my Peloton! Being active is what has kept me sane with my high-stress career and now small business.

Sports - I am a big Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, and Florida Gator fan. I am THAT girl that is screaming her heart out at the bar or game.

Travel - I’m a planner and I love making itineraries to fit in as many activities as possible. I really want to live out of a sprinter van for a month to unplug and roadtrip the western US.

What’s your favorite WCWC product you made and why?

My favorite WCWC  item is the “Dog Mom/Dad Social Club” shirt. I designed the shirt myself and I think it accurately reflects my personality. The colors are “Miami Vice”, which ties back to my east coast roots.


Where do you hope to be in five years from now? Ten?

To be honest, I am not sure at the moment, which is an uncertainty I have never felt before. I have always had a plan. I went to my dream college, went straight to PA school, and moved to arguably one of the greatest cities in the world. Thinking about it retrospectively, I am lucky that things worked out that way. But something was missing and I think that was WCWC.


What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

My name is derived from “Tandy Computers” which no longer exists and only a handful of people who have met me have known that reference. I mainly don’t talk about it cause it’s so nerdy but I love how unique my name is and receive a lot of compliments about it.


If you could only choose one type of dog to have. What kind of dog would it be and why?

Australian Shepherd has always been one of my favorite breeds but if I could choose another, I would say a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever. Their coats are beautiful and they are very intelligent and energetic animals. I really want Mochi to have a sister - a duck toller named Mila :)


If you were an animal, what would you be?

A monkey because monkeys are intelligent, yet playful and appreciate good humor.


If you had to describe yourself in only three words, what would you choose?

Creative, disciplined, outgoing

If you could travel anywhere in the world (post-COVID-19), where would it be and why?

Alberta, CA! Banff National Park has been on the top of my bucket list for the past year. Since moving to the West Coast, I’ve developed a new-found adoration for the outdoors and nature.


What is something our readers should know about you?

Every ounce of energy I put into this company is full of love, thought, and passion. Everything I curate and create has a reason behind it. I did not start this company to make money but to fulfill the creative void that I have had for too long.


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